House of Worship

Studies have shown that acoustics and sound have a direct impact on learning and understanding. In other words, if the congregation has trouble hearing clearly – worshipers feel less engaged and as a direct result of this participation and eventually, attendance may suffer.


What Makes House of Worship Acoustics Different?

Common Acoustical Problems in Houses of Worship:

  • Slapback or “Flutter” Echo: Sound reflecting off parallel surfaces
  • Room “Ring” causing Distortion or Feedback
  • Excessive Reverberation: Echoes off multiple surfaces that extend the sound like a gymnasium
  • Bass Buildup or “Boominess”
  • Speech or Music Intelligibility: Trouble with speech clarity or music becoming muddled
  • Sound Isolation Problems: Sound Travelling or Leaking from Room to Room



 “Auralex‘s ProPanels changed the entire room’s dynamics,” said Michael Smith, Associate Pastor/Worship. “We now have better sound clarity without dealing with any reverberant sound or ambient noise.”



Case Study: Grace Presbyterian Church



Grace Presbyterian Church switched from a traditional to a more contemporary service and discovered they needed acoustical assistance!

 See how Auralex helped diagnose and solve their unique sound problems in this detailed Case Study



“How Can The Congregation Heed the Word, If They Can’t Hear It?”



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